A Boxed Perspective : Behind the Seen Art

Shadowbox Perspective: Triumph and Tragedy of a Family Unit
“Although the details of the family story are personal, the story itself is universal. The highs and lows of family, trauma, response, feelings of defeat, and overcoming are part of humanity as a whole.”

In the Behind the Seen Art Project/Exhibition

Lawrence family Shadowbox, and interactive piece.

Behind The Seen Art

“A community project, based out of Alamance County, North Carolina, using art as a medium to spread awareness and provide insight into the uniqueness of families with young children experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges.

The scope of the project brings four families and sixteen artists together to create unique interpretations of family dynamics and challenges using visual art as a medium. Each family will be paired with four unique, diverse artists to interact and build relationships with throughout the term of the project. Each artist will then create works depicting their own interpretation of the children and their families which will reflect the way in which they perceive the world.”

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