Textures: The beauty found in the entire tapestry

I love textures in my work. There is a dialogue that takes place on the surface. An uncomfortable but necessary  play between the flat smooth surfaces erupting with wrinkles, mounds, scratches and other various forms.


These textures unite images, shapes, forms and colors that  make up the piece.  At the same time they conflict with the eye’s attempt to scan the surface of the image peacefully. This conflict can pull your focus from the beauty of the entire image to focusing on each individual texture that disrupts and distracts.

Textures not only play on your visual sense, but also your tangible. There is something about textures that make you want to reach out and touch. It awakes the inquisitive. Although your eyes see, you hands want to communicate with the art as well. I believe the more senses that are directly involved with encountering the piece the more ones soul is able to breath from the piece and dialogue with it.
Like physical and soul scars gained throughout our lives these textures are like the threads in a life’s tapestry. Some things wound to cause healing like a surgeon and his scalpel. Other things wound to cause  distraction and destruction.


As I like to do, I stand afar to gather the presence of an artwork. And then I move in. I love seeing an artist’s brushstrokes, or finding lint, fingerprints or hair permanently fixed in a piece. These findings are, and were apart of a person. A piece of life is preserved forever in a painting. No matter their aim with the work at large, a part of the being is now a historical artifact fossilized in the piece of art.

As I look at the textures created in my work, whether purposefully or accidentally, I am reminded of my own scars that undulate through my once smooth skin. These textures pay homage to what was once traumatic and painful. That which has healed and has been overcome.

We must work out smooth seasons and our scars. May we come to the rock that is higher than I. Jesus is the only one who can shed light and truth on our life and bring discover and healing to every mound and every valley.

Isa 53:5 But he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins. He was beaten so we could be whole. He was whipped so we could be healed.


Let us receive the healing freely given! Only then can we see with heightened perspective the beauty found in the entire tapestry.
– Krystal J. F. Hart