Facing the ugly with the beautiful

I’ve been exploring clouds for a little while now. I love them. I want Father to show  me His creative secrets!

Still using more of an abstract idea of the clouds and their meanings to me I decided to paint about my accident. (more of which you will hear about another time.)


Its very hard for me to show these. Im very insecure about it. It not placid and beautiful. But its the first of more.

At some point I must face the ugly with the beautiful for the piece to be Truth.

And this is why He is Lord. He is all consumingly beautiful but He is likewise all Truth. His love is raw and real. And so was His death, and resurrection. There is no other on either side of heaven or hell that will love, fight for, live or die so deeply. So honest. So true. So Christ!

Join me!

-Krystal J F Hart