The Lordship of Christ in the face of Sudden deaths

I have had a lot of sudden deaths of friends’ loved ones happen around me recently. Its a little unsettling. I will not particularly know the deceased but will be close to the family. At some point during the mourning process I will ponder, I wonder if they knew Christ.

Lets be real, the reality and Lordship of Christ is not on twitter’s top trend. And after our last breath exhales our bodies there is nothing else we can do about that decision, about our walk with Him or without Him.

We all must acknowledge that our soul goes somewhere while our bodies go back to the dust of the earth.

Often our busy lives do not allow for the pleasantries of pondering and making comments or decisions. We avoid, neglect, and forsake eternal decisions for temporal ones.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, they will be satisfied. A spiritual journey and a righteous one are two different things. Every river doesn’t lead to the same ocean. Every road doesn’t lead to the same house. Nor just because you have 10 keys will they all open your front door.
The Word says Abraham trusted God. And he was considered righteous.

Christ the Ruler of the Kings of the earth is the only one who has stated “I am the way. No one can come to the Father but by me.”

The Word talks about the deciver, satan, has many devices and he wants to keep people in bondage and in sins, to completely seperate us from our all Holy Father.

I know many who are turned off by Christ because of what they’ve seen and heard. Those who say they are followers of Christ do not always to what He says. Just as you may or may not associate with a person based on the company they keep. Do not be fooled or turned off by those who say one thing and do another. We will all be judged for every deed. The Word says “You will know them by their fruit.”

But a wolf in sheeps clothing does not excuse  us from our decision. We cannot blame anyone else for our walk or lack if but ourselves. If eternity, death, life, does not concern you, I bless you, I love you, I pray protection on you as you continue in your way. I pray for you a thirsty and seeking heart. But if you are concerned, pray for wisdom. Seek Christ out. The barrier that stands in the way is self. I must humble myself if I desire to know Him. Pride blinds my eyes and heart. And I only know in part how stubborn, and unruly I can be.

Remember, He longs to know you! He is ready and has been waiting for you. He died for your all evil thoughts and deeds so that you wouldn’t have to.

Christ may sound like a crazy idea. But I have peace in the storm. I do not worry when in need, I know that despite all hardships, I am loved, protected, and provided for. Most of all I know that He knows my name. (It shows when I pray for wild things and they are answered!) No one can take that away…

Take time to quite yourself. Seek Him through whom all things were created. He will reveal Himself to you. Remember I am hear to encourage you on your journey. For He has created you for greatness! Live NOTHING less.

Ask, Seek, and Knock.

Join us!

Joy, peace, love and life,
-Artist Krystal Jherae