Art and Dialogue: Race in America

Learning to work hand in hand.

When we started this project we did not know what were digging into. The Art and dialogue project has become something greater than we imagined. Even before we knew that our piece would be accepted my hubs and I committed to do the piece as unified voice in the midst of  division and chaos.

imageMy hubs and I  began with an idea to work together as a way to display social, culture, and racial unity in the midst of division, violence, and deep rooted pain. As we begin to do research for our art  project we unearthed different opinions, perspective and mounds of historical events about racial tension in America. At the root of it most people react and respond out of fear, frustration, or pain. But I beg to ask the question is there something more here, is there something deeper that we can learn from our past and our present issues.


I could list the various historical and present day facts of violence against minorities and the particular injustice against blacks. We could discuss the injustice against Native Americans, Asians, Jewish, Hispanic  Americans, and also other who have migrated to this nation. To some it may be hard to believe but even white Americans from their different historically ethnic backgrounds have been discriminated against in some fashion. Even while writing this you see how divided we are I have to list SO many different types of Americans. Most times, if I travel overseas, I’m not white or black, I’m American!

I’m not saying that the disparity and the great gap of justice in America is fair. I’m not saying the injustice and violence is ok. But do we all as individuals value life or is the value of life and liberty subjective? At some point if we call ourselves American and we choose to coexist in this nation we have got to look at our past. Accept and acknowledge the wrong.  And choose a different future.

imageLook at the scars and imperfections of this oak tree. America is scared by slavery. There is much blood on her hands through violent and systematic means of oppression. However, to any person where wrong has been done, I say look at the wounds. Take off the bandages so some air and healing can get to it. Allow for the scab and embrace the scars as something horrible made beautiful. That’s what Christ does with all things. For healing and reconciliation is possible and for us to thrive as a people it’s necessary! It is likewise a time for oppressors to acknowledge and accept the evil, the wrong. It is the one who confess sin that is forgiven.

Only through forgiveness comes healing.

Let’s stop with the false pleasantries and really learn to live together in honesty of who we really are. May we all aspire to be our best self. Not out of faking it, pretentious and wounded underneath the surface but laboring at it together.
Let’s acknowledged that evil exist and determine in peace time where we stand. The battle is not against flesh and blood but against rulers and powers. If we fight the wrong battles, our sisters and brothers, we only destroy ourselves.

My husband and I are walking this out in our personal lives. For love to rule there is daily sometimes hourly sacrifice! 😄



We are UNITED States of America aren’t we?
Then join in hand, brave Americans all, by uniting we stand, by dividing we fall. In so righteous a cause let us hope to succeed. For heaven approves if each generous deed. -John Dickinson 1768

Join us on this journey of works of healing and reconciliation and just plane doing LIFE TOGETHER.

Yours in His Love,