Look higher


Nature uses human imagination to lift her work of creation to even higher levels.

– Luigi Pirandello

0710151133-1Acrylic painting and ink on paper and canvas.

I Love the hub life: art and travel

Two and a half weeks to go and we will be taking our first international trip together! Oh am I so excited to breath travel air with my hubs!

This is a huge test of faith trip as we will really not know all details when we depart. I guess this is what walking by faith not by sight is.


We are collecting children clothes for the kiddoes. Now we have to make them all fit in the suitcase!

Why am I so pumped?! Creatively, I feed off of  traveling. I LOVE the hub life. My  ink style of drawing was birth our of my first trip to Nigeria. The sights, sounds, the landscape really nurished my creativity. I returned with a full imagination ready to create wonders from my experiences.

I feel like I undestand why many of the great masters traveled. You really become a creative translator of human life and of culture.


Getting out of your routein can spark new ideas, cultivate creative passions that lay dormant in the dailies. Get out! Explore different worlds! See how different but beautiful your family is across the great seas. Through the great skies!

Join us on this artist journey!
Yours with Love,


Krystal J. F. Hart

Ruins and Puffy Clouds

This week’s feature is 16 in  x 20 in mixed media work: Look up


Can there be, should you expect so much from the human soul, hope in perilous times? Is peace possible in the middle of a black night? Is there beauty, hope, life among the ruins?

Share with me your stories here.

Recreating how we see our landscape one stroke at a time.

Yours, with love







Krystal J. F. Hart



Chasm is about exploring the great difference in worlds using visual symbols of the world as we know it. The physical and the spiritual. Christ was the rock that created the chasm in earth. We are earth. Because of this great and violent divide we now have access to the heavens.

The veil was torn and now we can walk with God.

Art areates the earth. Only them may our parched souls receive the fresh rains from heaven. Join us on this incredible journey to regenerate culture, life, and beauty through art.

-Krystal J F Hart

Facing the ugly with the beautiful

I’ve been exploring clouds for a little while now. I love them. I want Father to show  me His creative secrets!

Still using more of an abstract idea of the clouds and their meanings to me I decided to paint about my accident. (more of which you will hear about another time.)


Its very hard for me to show these. Im very insecure about it. It not placid and beautiful. But its the first of more.

At some point I must face the ugly with the beautiful for the piece to be Truth.

And this is why He is Lord. He is all consumingly beautiful but He is likewise all Truth. His love is raw and real. And so was His death, and resurrection. There is no other on either side of heaven or hell that will love, fight for, live or die so deeply. So honest. So true. So Christ!

Join me!

-Krystal J F Hart

Where Do We Go From Here?

I seek the divine in such darkness.
Where is the fair fight when the lights go out?
I scream and shout. I scream and shout. Much to no avail.
It seems that hell has seized that land, and no one understands me anymore.
Who has turned out the lights?!
I fight and fight to regain normalcy.
Embodied in the present past of traumatic events.
Will I move forward, or linger in the ashes of that which has been lost forever?
-Krystal J. F. Hart

Where Do We Go From Here was created with acrylics, inks, and an image transfer technique. I think of all that has been lost and ravaged by war and violence. I think of my own suffering and lost through my own traumatic experience. We are all but children aren’t we? I think of  “the children of Cain. Child leftovers from the fratricidal violence he symbolized.” -excerpt from Dr. Frank Wood.  The poem above can be seen interlaced through out the sky in the painting. When your storm is raging always remember, but there is still hope in utter darkness!


Painting : mixed media on stretched canvas.

Krystal J. F. Hart