Silent Auction: Visual Poetry Walk

Silent Auction: Visual Poetry Walk

Come to our last and final viewing of all Poetry boxes in one place. The silent auction will take place tomorrow at the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. Experience poetry readings, local visual artists, music and snacks. Artwork starts at $40. Admission this event is FREE!


Look higher


Nature uses human imagination to lift her work of creation to even higher levels.

– Luigi Pirandello

0710151133-1Acrylic painting and ink on paper and canvas.

New Dawn

Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.

-Anne Lamott

newdawnPaint of images and imagination from my travels in Kenya. Gouache and ink on paper mounted on stretch canvas.

The Power of His Presence in the midst of suffering

Yesterday, a man approached me in a High Point University t- shirt. In the brief of our conversation he asks me about my salvation in Christ and tells me he gave His life to Christ four years ago. He tells me about his sick wife and how when he gets odd jobs he has enough money to get them a room for a few nights. Then its back on the streets.  At one point in the conversation he says “but instead of speaking what I don’t have I thank God for what I do have. It’s hard to believe but there are some way worst off that me.”

This conversation made me think about the book, Why Suffering by Raavi Zacharias and Vince Vitale that I started reading last weekend as we headed to a family reunion. Our family reunion was at an all American icon here in North Carolina, Bills Barbecue! A southern foodie must try if you are in the area!


The events of the reunion were similar  to ones in the past. We arrive, check in, say hellos, and give thanks for the food. Then most people gorge on foods that are rarely eaten everyday at home. As my 9 year old nephew put it “Its a family reunion, its all you can eat.” This is the same one who put down at least two plates of food several drinks and visited the dessert table at least 3 or 4 times!

What made this reunion different? I had the honor of sitting beside my aunt who is wheelchair bound due to multiple strokes. She wears a one false leg. Her arms and fingers are curled up permanently to her chest. There is a balled up bath cloth in each hand. She needs help doing mostly everything. Although her skin still looks smooth as of her youth, her face is gaunt and restricted in some places due to the losses from the stroke. Her speech is also garbled and at times completely unclear. My other nephew would look, stair, and at one time pointed. I believe he wanted  to know the story behind the image. And like always, we polite southern people are taught to smile and nod like all is well. But I thought No! If he wants to know her story he should.

I feel like culturally we to often pretend that there is not a big butt in the room. More times if we are real it may take the weird or uncomfortable out of it. I do understand that most times one doesn’t want to offend or hurt feelings and so we stay on the surface. I wonder if by going deeper, or just childlike honesty would people treat persons like my aunt with more humanity.

How often or eager are we to be around unusual or even down right ugly things? Things that do not fit into our image of normal? Its easier to pretend the ugly, suffering, sorrow doesn’t exist. From my own sufferings, though nothing compared to what I just mentioned, I understand the distance. The miss understandings. The rejection. The loneliness. Many do not want to be around ugly things. Its inconvenient, we are self preserving people. Others want to help, but often try to solve problems for you that you didn’t ask to be solved. Many people suffering just like to know you are with them. There is great power in presence!



As I sat beside my aunt I wanted to do something to bless her. To stand with her in love. People would come by, hug her, kiss her face, hand her money. These were the hands and feet of Jesus. I love how generous and humble our family is! They are the power of His presence in the midst of suffering.

The Power of Presence!

Many have stood with me and loved me when I thought I was broken and useless. In the first chapter of  Why Suffering  Zacharias says ” Ideas cannot bring lasting meaning, comfort, or hope. Only a person can.” Jesus and the relationship with Him is that.wpid-0704151659a.jpg

This could not have been expressed any better than during the entertainment hour. Hip hop was played. Dancers danced. My aunt sat quietly recovering from her big meal. It was only when one woman started singing old gospel song about God’s goodness and going home that the tears started to flow from my aunts eyes. Her husband wiped one side. I wiped the other. The songs continue. The tears continued. I, knowing the comfort of Jesus in the midst of complete darkness fought back my own tears as I thought of her everyday condition. Where these tears of joy that she is alive? I wondered if she still thinks about who she use to be. I wonder if she feels trapped in this injured body. Or she could have been crying for some other reason! But I do know that  only Christ truly knows her and her husband’s suffering, the loss, the mourning over her losses. No one else can get that deep with you and yours but Him!

He is the all comfort. All Peace, All Joy. Only trusting in Him can allow you to worship when there seems to be no hope at all. I must say some of my sweetest nearest times with Jesus have been when all was lost and He was the only thing I had to cling to.

And this is why we need creatives, to sing of His goodness, to paint of it, to write of it, to record it in every season of our lives. So that they may know of a hope and anchor beyond these shores. Join Me on this journey.

Yours with LOVE,


Krystal J. F. Hart



Artists need artist friends



Recently I ran into an artist friend of mine I haven’t seen in over 18 months. After a 45 minutes conversation in the hair store we parted both more encouraged and affirmed in our artistry. She saw and praised the growth and depth in my work. She also was encourage to take a bigger commitment to her own work. I encouraged her that we could walk together on that journey.

Have you ever felt stuck, discouraged, fearful to take the next step? Insecure in your gift, craft, or how to hone it?

Others maybe in awe and in wonder if your natural abilities. Or passion and hard work has cultivated your gift. We need people who not only encourage and praise us  but also understand where we are coming from.

Artist need Artist friends.

We all have a different starting point but are all on a creative journey. The crazy thing about creativity is you are always taking a risk. Often times moving in uncharted territory you must discover your own voice, trust it, hone it, and release it into the world.  A very scary thing to many. On top of the physical and internal strengthening it can also be a lonely journey. Not always do people understand you, or why you do what you do. You own family may discourage your creativity. Financial strains may force you to take a different rout. No matter the obstacle trust in that creative passion. Part time, full time or half time carve out time to cultivate your artistry. For me it required me to set up boundaries. And learn to keep them. It is very easy for me to get lost helping others and neglect my focus.

Just like other components of our lives being a creative being is not a boxed way of life. Though the world may portray. Be free to create your own parameters of what it may look like.  Get around other artist either online or in person. Share your struggles, ask questions, discover those who you can be vulnerable around. Many of us are facing the same challenges. They just manifest in different ways.

I don’t know where I would be today without those creative friends who encouraged me in my craft, who told me the truth, who allowed me to glean from there wisdom and experience, who spoke life into a talented, wounded, and insecure person.

Whether you are a master in what you do or you are just getting started, get the right people in your corner. Be that person for encouraging others and you will find those willing to come along side you. Know that your creative gift is not for heartless consumption. Which means it must be to be nurtured well. We are a breath of life in a hopeless world. We are servants to a broken humanity. If we horde and consumer the goodness and fruits of beauty we are really just a barren fruit tree. Only good for firewood.

I encourage you.  Stay focused, strengthen your corner with those who will help you tend the garden well. Pull out the weeds of negativity in the company you keep and in your thought life! Replace those thoughts with the promises of God. Be brave. You can! Keep moving. We walk this journey together. And if you are new, join us!

Yours with love,







-Krystal J. F. Hart


After church my 14 year old friend comes up to me, shoulder bag in hand. Pulling out her painting we spoke of a week ago. She hands it to me waiting my advise on her work. Silence passes as I look for what to say. We speak of her work and I motivate her to keep going. I even share some of the insecurities I am overcoming.

Its exciting to see younger ones pursue their creative passion.

Much to often creativity is discouraged for more realistic or productive things. Creatives have a duty to pour into culture. It is our call and service to humanity. Often its underappreciated and little supported. We all need practical things food, shelter, medical needs. But to often we trade deeper things for shallow immediate needs and our souls are neglected. Im not saying use you grocery money to buy art. I am saying be a beauty seeker in all moments of your daily life. We are not still long enough to breath. Exhale the clutter and inhale fresh air. A renewed mind. Even our vacations are busy. How many have heard or said I need a vacation after my vacation.

A sick soul can destroy the body. We can only survive on cotten candy but for so long. We need deeper things just as our bodies need a full meal.
My dear friend was seeking affirmation, encouragement and feed back to get better. We must support each other’s creativity so that the whole earth may be watered well.
Hey! Its more than possible! Lets do this together.

Krystal J F Hart
Aerate The Earth

Where Do We Go From Here?

I seek the divine in such darkness.
Where is the fair fight when the lights go out?
I scream and shout. I scream and shout. Much to no avail.
It seems that hell has seized that land, and no one understands me anymore.
Who has turned out the lights?!
I fight and fight to regain normalcy.
Embodied in the present past of traumatic events.
Will I move forward, or linger in the ashes of that which has been lost forever?
-Krystal J. F. Hart

Where Do We Go From Here was created with acrylics, inks, and an image transfer technique. I think of all that has been lost and ravaged by war and violence. I think of my own suffering and lost through my own traumatic experience. We are all but children aren’t we? I think of  “the children of Cain. Child leftovers from the fratricidal violence he symbolized.” -excerpt from Dr. Frank Wood.  The poem above can be seen interlaced through out the sky in the painting. When your storm is raging always remember, but there is still hope in utter darkness!


Painting : mixed media on stretched canvas.

Krystal J. F. Hart